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>>> Applying for a room:

How can the rooms be viewed?Details

Viewing appointments can be arranged with the property manager, Andreas Lang, from Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 12.00 / 13.00 - 16.00.

How long can a room be rented for?Details

The rooms can be rented indefinitely, as long as you are enrolled at a university. After deregistration, the lease will be terminated within 6 months.

Are tenants allowed to keep pets?Details

Tenants are not allowed to keep pets. This also applies to small animals such as rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes and fish, etc.

Are tenants allowed to play musical instruments in the rooms?Details

No, music rooms are available, but they are not soundproofed. For this reason, the rooms are only of limited use to music students.

What documents are required to rent a room?Details

A completed and signed application form and a current certificate of enrolment from your university.

Is it possible to reserve a room if you do not have a current certificate of enrolment?Details

A letter of acceptance must be presented. The certificate of enrolment may be submitted at a later date, but at the latest within one month.

Is it possible to e-mail the documents? Details

The documents can be sent by e-mail, post or fax.

Are rooms also let to learners?Details

Yes, our rooms can also be rented by learners. For this purpose, it must be demonstrated that the interested person is interested in a recognized teaching qualification or begins one within three months from the date of the start of the lease. If the training is not accepted for any reason, the landlord is entitled to terminate the lease with a period of 6 months. After completion of the apprenticeship, the tenancy is extended by a further year from the end of the training period. The landlord is entitled to terminate the tenancy with a period of 6 months at the end of the named period.

Is the deposit payable in advance and how much is it?Details

The deposit is three month's rent plus CHF 150.00 for the final cleaning of the room.

How can I transfer the rent from abroad?Details

The payment can be transferred using the following payment details:

Bank: UBS AG, 8152 Glattbrugg
Account holder: Livit AG, 8048 Zurich
IBAN: CH68 0028 3283 9754 1201 G
payment notification: Personal No. or Ref.-No.

Please bear in mind exchange losses!

Is it also possible to collect the rent by direct debit from a foreign bank account?Details

No, that is not possible, as this system is only intended for Swiss financial institutions. We would request that you remit the payment using the above payment details or over the counter at a branch of Swiss Post using the payment slips.

>>> Tenancy agreement/deposit/termination:

What is the notice period?Details

The lease can be terminated at the end of each month (exept December). The notice period is 2 months.

Where do I need to send the notice of termination?Details

To: Livit AG, Altstetterstr. 124, 8048 Zurich; the notice of termination cannot be placed in the caretaker's letterbox.

Is it sufficient to send the notice by e-mail?Details

No, it is essential that the notice of termination is signed and sent by registered post.

What is the latest that the notice of termination can be sent?Details

The notice of termination must be received by Livit AG, Altstetterstr. 124, 8048 Zurich at the latest on the last day prior to the commencement of the period of notice. If we receive the notice of termination on the 1st day of a month, this is too late and the tenant will be liable for a further month.

If the notice of termination has been sent too late, is it still possible to leave the room earlier?Details

The tenant may only be released from his obligations under the tenancy agreement prematurely, if he proposes a suitable new tenant, who is able to pay and ready to take over the tenancy agreement under the same conditions at the time that the property is returned, to the landlord.

Is it necessary to give notice on the room, if you are going abroad for a few months and you would like to have the same room on your return?Details

If you want to be certain that you will be able to have the same room following your return, you will have to look for a subtenant. In that case, the tenancy agreement will not have to be terminated. It is only possible to have a subtenant with the management's written permission. If no subtenant is found, you will either have to pay for the room during your absence or the tenancy agreement will have to be terminated. It is not possible to reserve rooms in advance.

What requirements must a subtenant comply with?Details

The same as the main tenant.

How can you change your room for another room?Details

Contact the management. The tenancy agreement must be terminated. The room is handed back in the normal way.

- Your refrigerator compartment and food storage compartment in the kitchen must be cleared
- All adhesive, nails, drawings pins and the like are to be removed
- Dowel holes must be sealed properly
- The mattress cover is part of the room's furniture and equipment and will be washed by us
- The rental property must be handed over in a well-swept condition
- The final cleaning is carried out by us

The deposit amount must be paid in advance for the new room. The deposit for the room, which is being given up, will only be paid out two to three weeks following the move. The refrigerator compartment and storage compartment are also exchanged.

>>> Communal areas/Hall of Residence Rules/guests:

Who can use the lounge?Details

The lounge including bar is provided for the sole use of the residents of the hall of residence and is not open to the public. The lounge furniture must not be removed from the relevant area and, in particular, must not be used outdoors. Each tenant is responsible for ensuring that the bar/lounge is kept in a clean and tidy condition. The bar/lounge area must be reserved via the caretaking staff for events for 15 or more persons. It can generally be used free of charge. A handover and return record will be compiled for each event and a deposit (CHF 200.00) collected from the tenant. If the bar/lounge area is returned in perfect condition, the deposit will be refunded to the tenant; the settlement is to take place within 30 days.

When are the quiet times?Details

The statutory sleeping hours are 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Any disturbances of the other residents are to be avoided. Music and conversations are to be confined to household noise levels at all times. The playing of musical instruments in the rooms is prohibited. Music rooms are available, but they are not soundproofed. For this reason, the rooms are only of limited use to music students.

Are outside guests permitted to stay overnight in tenants' own rooms?Details

The landlord's prior written consent is to be obtained for any visitors staying with the tenant for more than 3 nights. The landlord will, in any case, be entitled to invoice the tenant a flat fee of 30.00 CHF for the visitor's overnight stay.

What happens if the Hall of Residence Rules are disregarded?Details

In the event of a repeated breach of the Hall of Residence Rules, the possibility of the landlord terminating the tenancy agreement cannot be ruled out.

>>> Cooking/washing/cleaning/giving up of rooms:

Where can I cook?Details

A communal kitchen with several cooking stations is available to every tenant on his floor. The kitchen must be cleaned after each use!

Is there a refrigerated compartment or a storage compartment in the kitchen?Details

Each tenant has a personal lockable refrigerator compartment and a storage compartment.

Are there laundry facilities?Details

A laundry room with 4 washing machines and 4 dryers is available.

How is cleaning carried out? (Do the students do it themselves or is it done "professionally"?) Details

It is the tenant's responsibility to clean his room. The tenant additionally undertakes to take part in cleaning the communal facilities. The cleaning tasks are carried out in accordance with a cleaning schedule.

What do you need to do when giving up a room?Details

- Your refrigerator compartment and food storage compartment in the kitchen must be cleared
- All adhesive, nails, drawings pins and the like are to be removed
- Dowel holes must be sealed properly
- The mattress cover is part of the room's furniture and equipment and will be washed by us
- The rental property must be handed over in a well-swept condition
- The final cleaning is carried out by us

The flat-rate final cleaning fee of CHF 150.00 seems very high to me. How does it come about? The cleaning includes the refrigerator compartment, the food storage compartment in the kitchen, sanitary facilities in the room, the furniture, the floor, the window and the blinds. The sum of CHF 150.00 represents the average amount in the experience of the cleaning company.

Can the final cleaning be carried out by the tenant himself?Details

No. The final cleaning is carried out exclusively out by the hall caretaking staff. The lump sum is included in the amount of the security deposit and will be deducted directly from the security deposit with the final account.

When will the deposit/bond be paid out?Details

Provided that the rental property does not show signs of any exceptional wear and tear and there are no other claims, the deposit is generally paid out 2 - 3 weeks following the termination of the tenancy agreement. Please note that the final cleaning flat fee of CHF 150.00 mentioned in the tenancy agreement will be deducted directed from the deposit amount.

>>> Bicycles/cars:

Are there car parking spaces?Details

Parking is only available for visitors. Please note that the parking spaces may only be used for short periods (maximum stay 3 hours).

Are there bicycle parking facilities?Details

Yes. Bicycles must be parked in the designated places. No bicycles may be left in the hall of residence.

>>> Other things you need to know:

Will you be registered as a resident in Winterthur?Details

Yes. The tenant is obliged to register with the residents' registration office in Winterthur.

Are there separate mailboxes?Details

Each tenant has a personal mailbox.

Is there Internet access and do you have to pay extra for it?Details

Each room has an internet connection, which is included in the rent.
Each student have to arrange for their own WLAN router or the cable can be connected directly from the PC to the media socket.

Free rooms

The Studentenwohnen building has 105 rooms for students. It offers attractively priced premises which are ideal for living and working.

The prices include the additional costs for caretaker, electricity, internet connection, heating, water and refuse collection. The price of the room depends on the size in m2.


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